The Inter- series was a European series of sports car racing, which was launched as a " counterpart " to the North American CanAm series to life.

Features of the Inter series was and is that various race cars are used, in part, some who were elsewhere no longer be allowed to start. A typical example is the Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512S, which were used in the sports car world championship only to 1971.

The first race was held on June 28, 1970 at the Norisring, Nuremberg, instead. Winner of this race and later overall winner of the 1970 season was the Wuppertal Jürgen Neuhaus on a Porsche 917K. 1975 was the last year of the Inter series of the old school. Lack financial viability of race cars reduced the participants more and more, which led to the decline of public interest.

Originally the cars based on vehicles in the FIA Group 5, 6 and 7 or later Group C racing car series. Race cars were later than vehicles mostly used in which one complements the single-seater base to wheel or full skirts and the engines had replaced with durable Cosworth or Judd aggregates. Both former Le Mans cars, Formula 3000 and Formula 1 race cars have been used, the latter mostly came from the collections of Arrows, Minardi and Jordan.

From other racing series known racers who temporarily operated in the inter- series, are Manuel Reuter, Klaus Ludwig, Hans -Joachim Stuck and Bernd Schneider. Otherwise there go heeled amateurs for the joy of motorsport with powerful vehicles.