Ioamnet Quintero

Ioamnet Quintero Alvarez ( born September 8, 1972 in Havana ) is a former Cuban high jumper.

The most famous Cuban athlete in this discipline was around 1990 Silvia Costa. 1991 but won at the Pan American Games, the eight years younger Ioamnet Quintero the high jump. After 1984 and 1988, Cuba had not participated in the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games, the premiere was in 1992 for both. In the final, Costa resigned from 1.94 meters and finished sixth. Ioamnet Quintero won with 1.97 meters bronze behind the German Heike Henkel and the Romanian Galina Astafei.

1993 Ioamnet Quintero was at the World Indoor Championships in Toronto sixth with 1.97 meters, after they had increased in the indoor season, their best performance to 2.01 meters. In early August she jumped in Monaco then outdoors over 2.00 meters. At the World Championships in Stuttgart, she won with 1.99 meters gold before Silvia Costa and the Austrian Sigrid Kirchmann. 14 days after the World Championships in the sports festival in Brussels tore the Achilles tendon of Ioamnet Quintero.

After her comeback she never jumped as high as 1993. Nevertheless, she also won at the 1995 Pan American Games. In 1996, she retired in qualifying at the Olympic Games. At the World Indoor Championships in 1997 Quintero reached again 5th place with 1.95 meters.

Quintero is 1,78 m tall and weighed about 62 kg competition times.

After the end of her active career, she worked for the Cuban Athletics Federation. She is married to the former hurdler Pedro Luis Piñero.