IP as a name:

  • Monogrammist IP ( * 1490, active until after 1530 ), German sculptor

IP is an abbreviation for:

  • Immunoprecipitation, molecular biological method in which using an antibody, an antigen is concentrated from a solution
  • Imperative programming, programming paradigm
  • "In Position " message in Multiplayer Games
  • Individual prophylaxis, an umbrella term for services provided by the dentist prophylactic measures at the individual patient
  • Industrial production, expression of the industrialization (e.g. Automation ), particularly in manufacturing, see industrial production
  • Industrial Park, demarcated industrial sites, on which several independent entities of one or more sectors are active
  • Infect and persist, in medicine an infection strategy of viruses
  • " Inflectional phrase ," in generative grammar term for the grammatical category of the finite set, and some types of infinitives
  • Information et Publicité, international marketing company, see IP Germany
  • Initial Provisioning, in the global procurement market
  • Insertion Point, the Air Force jargon
  • Instruction Pointer, see instruction counter
  • Integer program, see Integer linear programming
  • Integrated production, nature and animal friendly farming
  • Intellectual Property, also known as copyright and intellectual property rights, see Intellectual Property
  • Intelligent Peripheral, component in intelligent networks
  • Interactive Proof, concept of complexity theory
  • Intercept point; specification for non-linear transmission elements
  • International Politics ( magazine ), formerly known as the Europa-Archiv, German -language publication of International Relations
  • Internet Protocol, in computer networks widely used network protocol that is the foundation of the Internet
  • Intrusion Protection, Ingress Protection, International Protection, Security specification of electrical equipment, see Protection
  • Ion plating, applying a higher-valent metal layer on another metal
  • IP address address in computer networks - such as the Internet - the Internet Protocol (IP) based
  • IP core intellectual property ( core), wiederbenutzbarer part of a chip design (in the sense of construction plans ) in the semiconductor industry
  • Işçi Partisi Workers' Party, the nationalist- socialist party in Turkey
  • Isoelectric point, characteristic for zwitterions
  • Istrebit'el Puschetschny (Russian: Истребитель Пушечный ), a Soviet fighter plane, see Grigorovich DG- 52
  • Degree of protection IP = International Protection (Code ), international classification of protection of electrical equipment against dust and water
  • The post code area Ipswich ( as the initial letters of a postcode from the UK )

IP as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Greece: Athens ( only for motorcycles)

Ip stands for:

  • Ip ( official), name of a high official of the First dynasty, under King (Pharaoh) officiated the
  • Ip (City), Romanian municipality in the district in Salaj Crisana
  • Ip ( unit ), a historic Asian area measure

I p. stands for:

  • In partibus in the title of a titular bishop
  • Intraperitoneally, anatomic location specified in medicine
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  • Abbreviation