Iput I was a queen of ancient Egyptian 6th Dynasty. She was a daughter of Pharaoh Unas, the last ruler of the 5th Dynasty and the wife of Pharaoh Teti II, the founder of the 6th Dynasty. The only known child of this marriage is Teti's heir apparent Pepi I.


Iput I. For the grave of her husband plant was built a mastaba north, which was converted later into a queens pyramid during the reign of Pepi I.. The building has a side length of 21 m and was discovered in 1898 by Victor Loret. For a long time it was disputed whether it was indeed a pyramid in this grave. Only renewed excavations, which began under the direction of Zahi Hawass in 1995 could confirm this. The grave chamber was without robbing, in addition to numerous grave goods and bones of the body of Iput I. could be found.