IQ (Band)

IQ is a native of Southampton British rock band. In addition to Marillion, Pendragon, Pallas and Twelfth Night it is one of the typical representatives of the Neo -Prog, which emerged in the 1980s, the second generation of progressive rock. IQ refused initially to particular models such as Genesis and Yes, but quickly developed his own style.

Live performances of the band are characterized by special light effects, film and slide projections, reminiscent of early Pink Floyd, as well as by the occurrence of force as charismatic front man Peter Nicholls.

Band History

The first phase of the band's history of IQ covers the period from the band's inception in the early 1980s until the departure of singer Peter Nicholls. During this period arose the classic studio albums Tales from the Lush Attic and The Wake, as well as the live album Living Proof. When the mid-eighties loomed a general prog-rock revival, IQ got a record contract with a major label, but lost in return the charismatic frontman Peter Nicholls.

In the second phase of the band's history originated with the new frontman Paul L. Menel the albums Nomzamo (which is also the only single success IQs, Promises, contained ), and Are You Sitting Comfortably? . After the record company that IQ had been contracted, was itself acquired by another company, IQ 1989 lost again the major deal, what initially seemed to be the end of the band. PL Menel and bassist Tim Esau left the group to achieve a common pop project. However, it did not come to shoot.

After IQ initially lying idle for some time, a project initiated by a French club owner reunion concert with Peter Nicholls eventually led to a renewed cooperation with the frontman. The third phase of the band's history was initiated, when in 1993 the CD Ever appeared. Musically the album in the style of the first phase. To market their Phonograms, the band formed their own label GEP.

With IQ Subterranea published in 1997 a widely acclaimed concept album. It tells the story of a man who joins the love of a woman of a revolution against a fictional police state. Ultimately, however, fails both on the appropriateness and lethargy of the protagonist. The knowledge about flows in the 20 minute, very emotional finale held on the album. At present, a feature film is rotated based on the history of this concept album.


The members of the band remained over the years, initially relatively constant. Singer Peter Nicholls resigned his commission to establish Niadem 's Ghost, was built during the albums Are You Sitting Comfortably and Nomzamo? replaced by Paul Menel and returned afterwards. How often in the scene there are personnel overlap with other bands. For example, John Jowitt and Martin Orford also belonged to the Neoprogband Jadis.

Martin Orford left the band in the fall of 2007. He was replaced by Mark Westworth, keyboardist of the band Darwin 's Radio, and this in turn in 2011 by Neil Durant. Two years earlier, was a founding member Paul Cook on drums sticks to Andy Edwards from, but in 2009 returned back ultimately in the long term, after Edwards took a short break. Another change in 2011 relates Jowitts exit and the return of Esau on bass, so the band acts back in the original line- up on the keyboard.


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