The iqama (Arabic إقامة, statement ') is in Islamic worship, the second call to prayer after the adhan, which takes place inside the mosque before the prayer congregation already assembled just before the obligatory prayer. It is not directed to the outside ( for example, over the minaret of a mosque, or through speakers ). In addition, it is in contrast to the adhaan rather normal spoken as emphasized, and also recites faster.


The text of the Iqama is, except for the slot " the prayer has begun," identical to the Adhan.

Position of the Iqama of religion historical perspective

Speaking of the Iqama is of the religious scholars strongly recommended (Arabic Sunnah ), but not considered mandatory. Under European scholars there - as in the case of the Adhan - disagreement about whether this call to the Christian Mass liturgy (Carl Heinrich Becker) or the Jewish benedictions ( Eugen Wednesday) back. There are uses of the word Iqama investigations of Carl Brockelmann.