iQue Player

The iQue Player, also Shen Yóu Ji (Chinese神游 机), published in 2003, is a game console manufacturer's iQue for the Chinese market. The company iQue is a joint venture company of the Japanese manufacturer Nintendo.

It consists only of a controller that is connected to the TV. The games modules are plugged into the controller. The inexpensive technique iQue could lower the selling price to a minimum and thus optimally adapted to the Chinese market.

The games for the iQue Player are sold except through modules also by downloading terminals in toy stores.


The iQue Player is based on the Nintendo 64, but operates a Einchipsystem to reduce the size. Can be played N64 games, which have been specially adapted to the system.

  • Processor: 64- bit R -4300 ( 93.75 MHz)
  • Memory: 4 MB Rambus
  • Graphics: 100,000 polygons / second, 2.09 million colors
  • Sound: ADPCM 64