Isabella of Armenia, Princess of Tyre

Princess Isabella of Armenia ( † around 1321 ) was the daughter of Leo III. of Armenia and sister of King Hethum II The Armenian form of its name is Զաբէլ ( in reformed spelling Զաբել, in scientific transliteration respectively Zabel Zabel ). The Western Armenian pronunciation is [ zap ɛl ʰ ], the ostarmenische [ zabɛl ] (quoted on the international phonetic alphabet).

She was since 1293 with the Prince Amalric of Cyprus, Titularfürst of Tyre, married, who was Regent of Cyprus from 1306. With him she had six children:

  • Hugo
  • Heinrich ( † around 1321 )
  • Guido († 1344), King of Armenia 1342-1344
  • Johann († 1343 )
  • Bohemond († 1344)
  • Mary, who married her cousin King Leon IV of Armenia ( † 1307 )

In 1310 Amalric was murdered, whereupon Isabella and her children fled to Armenia.

For an undetermined date 1320-1323 Isabella and her son Henry were jailed and murdered by Oschin of Korykos because of this, wanted to reduce Regent for Leon V of Armenia, the number of heirs to the throne.