Leo III, King of Armenia

Leon IV or Leo IV (* 12891307 ) was King of Armenia from 1303 to 1307, together with his uncle Hethum II, he was a son of Thoros III. and Margaret of Lusignan, daughter of Hugh III. , King of Cyprus.

He married his cousin Agnes de Lusignan, daughter of Isabella of Armenia and Amalric of Tyre.

In 1303 he was crowned after the withdrawal of his uncle, the king. Leon IV and Hethum II led in 1305 the Armenian army, which put an end to a Mamluk campaign at Baghras. In August 1307 Leon and Hethum were murdered along with her entourage while visiting the Mongol emir Bilarghu in Anazarva. He was succeeded by his uncle Oschin.

  • King (Armenia )
  • Hethumide
  • Born in 1289
  • Died in 1307
  • Man