Thoros III, King of Armenia

Thoros III. (Armenian Թորոս Երրորդ; * 1271, † July 23, 1298 in Sis ) was from 1293 to 1295 King of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia.

Thoros was a son of Leo III. and Keran ( Kir Anna ), daughter of Prince Hethum of Lambron. He belonged to the dynasty of the Hethumiden. 1293 thanked his brother Hethum II in his favor from, and left Thoros the rule. 1295 asked Thoros Hethum the power to take over again to renew the alliance with the Mongol empire of the Ilkhanate. Thoros and Hethum traveled in 1296 to Constantinople, Opel, her sister Rita of Armenia with Michael IX. Palaiologos, married to the co-emperor Andronikos II. Upon her return she let her brother Sempad, who had taken in their absence the power in the kingdom, capture and imprison. On Sempads command Oschin, Marshal slew of Armenia on 23 July Thoros 1298 the fortress Partzerpert.

Thoros had been married twice. His first marriage to Margaret of Lusignan, a daughter of King Hugh III. of Cyprus took place on January 9, 1288. His son from this marriage was King Leon IV, he joined The second marriage with a Mongolian princess, a relative of the Il- Khan Ghazan.