The Hethumiden ruled the Kingdom of Lesser Armenia from 1226 to 1375. You lead their line on the Armenian nobles Oschin back after the fall of Greater Armenia to 1072 Lambron, had settled in the Taurus Mountains. They were, in contrast to their great rivals, the Rubeniden, mostly on the Byzantine side.

After the death of King Leo I. in 1219 the government fell on Armenia to his daughter Zabel. After her first marriage to Philip of Antioch had failed because it did not want to convert to the Armenian Church, the Baron Konstantin von Lambron took over the regency and forced Zabel to marry his son Hayton.

After King Leo V died without issue, the crown fell to Guy of Lusignan, the third- oldest son of Zabel, sister of Hethum II and Amalric of Tyre. However, as a Catholic, he was extremely unpopular and was murdered in 1344 by the barons.

Kings of Lesser Armenia from the line of Hethumiden

  • Hethum I. (1226-1269)
  • Leon III. (1270-1289)
  • Hethum II (1289-1293; 1294-1297; 1299-1307)
  • Thoros III. (1293-1298)
  • Sempad (1297-1299)
  • Constantine III. ( 1299 )
  • Leon IV (1301-1307)
  • Oschin (1307-1320)
  • Leon V. (1320-1341)