Philip of Antioch

Philip of Antioch (also Philip of Tripoli, † 1226 in prison in Sis ) from the family of Ramnulfiden was king of Armenia from 1222 to 1224 as the husband of Queen Isabella ( Zabel ), the daughter of King Leo II of the family of Rubeniden.

He was a son of Bohemond IV, Prince of Antioch and the Plaisance Embriaco of Gibelet. He married in January 1222 about ten years of Isabella, who had been queen of Armenia in 1219, and was crowned from their legislation in June 1222 to the king.

Philip had sworn to respect the customs of the Armenian Church, but remained a Catholic, refused to grow a beard, tried Armenian barons to be replaced by Frankish and plundered the Kingdom in favor of the Franks from. He even said to have sent the establishment of the palace and the royal crown to Antioch. After three years of government, he was captured by the barons end of 1224. According to one source, the followers of the Hethumiden Constantine of Lambron had dressed as a hunter who had purported to convey a message, and so at night broke into his bedroom and kidnapped him despite the protests of his wife. He was held in Sis caught a constant source of dispute with Antioch, until he died in 1226 of poison.

Isabella was married in May or June of the same year with Constantine's son Hethum, who was the founder of the royal dynasty of Hethumiden.