The Ramnulfiden are the family of the Counts of Poitou and Dukes of Aquitaine from the middle of the 9th century. Since they are derived from a Counts of Auvergne, they are also known as House Auvergne Poitou. The dominant men of the family name was William ( Guillaume ).

The main line of the family died in 1137 in the male line from, heiress of Poitou and Aquitaine was Eleanor of Aquitaine (* 1122, † 1204), the wife ( 1137-1152 ) of the French King Louis VII (* 1120, † 1180) and ( 1152 -1189 ) of the English King Henry II (* 1133, † 1189 ), who already owned the Normandy and large parts of the Loire Valley, and by this marriage the entire south-western France got in his hand.

Another important member of the family is Agnes of Poitou, wife of Holy Roman Emperor Henry III. and regent of the Empire from 1056 to 1062.

Master list

By Gerhard I. to William V.

From William V to Eleanor of Aquitaine

The Prince of Antioch and Count of Tripoli from the Poitou

The kings of Cyprus and Armenia from the Poitou