William V, Duke of Aquitaine

William V, called the Great ( Guillaume le Grand ) (* 969, † January 30, 1030 in the Abbey Maillezais ) from the family of Ramnulfiden was since 995 Duke of Aquitaine and Count of Poitiers (as William III. ). He was the son of William IV ( II ) and his wife Emma of Blois.

In Germany, Wilhelm V is primarily known as the father of Empress and regent Agnes of Poitou.

When the Italians 1024/1025 came to France to find a king for their country, while the King of France clashed, as they addressed his son Hugo, they turned then to William, who also traveled to Italy to the to consider the proposal, but then renounced for himself and his son because of the confusing political situation in Italy.

The chronicler Adémar de Chabannes wrote a paean to William, who is still one of the most important sources for his government.

Marriages and descendants

William was married three times:

  • Adalmodis ( Aumode ) of Limoges, widow of Aldebert I, Count of La Marche
  • Prisca ( Brisque ) of Gascony, † before 1018, daughter of William II, Duke of Gascony ( Gascogne House )
  • Agnes of Burgundy ( † November 10, 1068 ), daughter of Otto William, Count of Burgundy ( House of Burgundy - Ivrea ); her second husband was Gottfried II, Count of Anjou