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Heads of State · obituary

Year of the fire horse丙午( at the beginning of the year Wood Snake乙巳)

Syria: 1317/18 ( the year in October )


Politics and World Affairs


  • Henry II gave the bishopric of Meissen three castle Warde, including Goda, which developed in the Upper Lusatia to the center of Christianity and territorial domination.
  • First mention of the Bavarian town of Schwandorf, place Landershofen at Eichstätt, the Baden community Bellingen and the Freiburg district Opfingen and of Oppligen.
  • Unknown thieves steal the unique Book of Kells from a church. After a few months the book to deprived his precious cover, found again.
  • King Rudolf III. of Burgundy closes with his nephew Emperor Henry II from a contract of inheritance. For his support of the imperial heritage of Burgundy should be. As deposit he receives advance the city of Basel.


  • The Bedouin revolt under Abu Rakwa in Egypt against the Fatimids is deposited.

Science and Technology

  • In China, Japan, Iraq, Egypt, Italy and Switzerland, the Supernova 1006 is observed in the constellation wolf who likes to -9.5 reached. The most accurate contemporary account of the traditional Egyptian physician and astrologer Ali ibn Ridwan.


  • A violent eruption of the Merapi volcano on Java lets the large Buddhist temple complex of Borobudur for centuries under sand, stones and boulders disappear. At the same time sinking a whole culture. It is believed that this devastation of the collapse of the Hindu civilization of the Kingdom of Mataram is due.


  • To 1006: Peter Damian, bishop and doctor of the Church († 1072 )


  • Gaudentius, first Archbishop of Gniezno (* 970)
  • Giesel Bert, Count of Ardennengau

Pictures of 1006