Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Gniezno

The Archdiocese of Gniezno (Latin: Archidioecesis Gnesnensis, poln: Archidiecezja Gnieźnieńska ) is the oldest Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Poland. The Archbishop of Gniezno ( Gniezno ) is the same metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province of the same name, the ( Bromberg ), and Wloclawek ( Leslau ) belong to the bishoprics of Bydgoszcz as suffragan dioceses.


The Archdiocese of Gniezno was I. Chobry in the year 1000 by Emperor Otto III at the instigation of the Polish duke and later king Bolesław. established by the act of Gniezno as an independent, the Pope directly, subordinate to Polish Metropolitan diocese. Otto III. was on a pilgrimage to the grave of his friend, the martyr bishop Wojciech, in Gniezno and acted in consultation with Pope Sylvester II first archbishop ( Metropolitan ) was the brother of Wojciech, Gaudentius. The Archbishop of Gniezno, the bishops of the dioceses established at the same time of Kolobrzeg in Pomerania, Krakow and Wroclaw were classified in the year 1000 as suffragans. Occupied with Bishop Reinbern Kolobrzeg Diocese few years later, however, went on again. From about 1075 belonged to the bishop of Poznan to Gniezno church province. With the Zirkumskriptionsbulle, also known as Bull of Gniezno ( 1136 ) is known, Pope Innocent II, the position of the Archbishop of Gniezno and strengthened the association of the suffragan dioceses.

The Metropolitan of Gniezno crowned the kings of Poland and was from 1412 Primate of Poland and Lithuania. 1466 was the Diocese of Kulm Suffragan of Gniezno. 1572 was the archbishop as primate of Poland in the throne vacant at the same time Interrex ( regent ) of the Polish-Lithuanian empire.

1821 was extracted and directly subordinate to the Holy See with the Bull De salute animarum the diocese of Wroclaw Pope Pius VII from the ecclesiastical province of Gniezno. At the same time Gniezno was in personal union with the Archdiocese of Poznan and 1946 with the Archdiocese of Warsaw. With the restructuring of the Polish dioceses by the Apostolic Constitution Totus Tuus Poloniae Populus of 25 March 1992, Pope John Paul II separated the personal union for the management of the dioceses Gniezno and Warsaw again.


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