Adelaide of Aquitaine

Adelaide of Aquitaine ( probably 950 *, † June 15 probably 1004) was Queen of France by marriage and ancestress of the Capetians.


Adelheid (also Adelais ) was the only daughter of the Duke William III. of Aquitaine and his wife Adela of Normandy, a daughter of the Norman Earl Rollo, Count of Rouen, and his second wife Poppa of Bayeux. Adelaide's brother was the Duke Wilhelm IV iron arm († 995/96 ).

Adelheid married Hugh Capet, the eldest son of Dux Francorum Hugo's " the Great " - meant here is " the Elder ." - And his third wife Hadwig, daughter of the German king Henry I. The marriage was the relationship between the Robertinern that their had power base in the north ( Franzien ), and the dukes of Aquitaine, whose dominion stretched between the Loire, Rhone and Garonne.

The marriage produced four children:

  • Hedwig ( Avoie, probably 969 *, † after 1013) ⚭ to 996 Reginar Count IV of Hainault and Mons († 1013) ( Reginare )
  • Gisela ( probably 970 *, † 1000 ) ⚭ ago 987 Hugo I of Montreuil, Count of Ponthieu
  • Robert II the Pious (* 972, † 1031 )
  • Adelheid / Aelis (* probably 973)

It was through her ​​marriage in 987 Queen of France, and remained so up to Hugh Capet 's death on 24 October 996 According to Gerbert of Aurillac called Hugh Capet they " companion and, by virtue of our kingdom ."

Adelheid founded the Royal Chapel ( Chapelle Sainte Chapelle royale or ) and later Church Saint- Frambourg in Senlis. In the 17th century it is also attributed to the translation of the relics of St. Frambourg, which took place according to other sources already a century earlier.