Ebalus, Duke of Aquitaine

Ebalus Mancer, called the Bastard (French: Ebles Manzer; * 870, † 935 ) was Count of Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine Auvergne and of the family of Ramnulfiden.


He was an illegitimate son of Count Ramnulf II of Poitou. Although he could succeed his father in Poitiers he had to flee from the 892 counts Adémar, who had occupied with the support of King Odo the Poitou. Ebalus found refuge with William the Pious, the first prince of Aquitaine. With his help, he captured 902 Poitiers back in the absence Adémars. From King Charles III. the Simple, had grown up with the Ebalus, he was immediately recognized as a legitimate Count of Poitou. Ebalus handed the Abbey of Saint -Maixent to Savary, Viscount of Thouars, who had supported him. He founded more Vice- counties in Aulnay and Melle and dissolved the Vice County of Poitiers, after the death of the incumbent Maingaud 925 on.

Ebalus conquered the Limousin 904 and 911 was one of the military leaders that the Normans struck near Chartres under Rollo, which led it to the Treaty of Saint- Clair -sur -Epte.

In the years 926 and 927 successively the dukes of Aquitaine William II and Acfred died. Of the latter Ebalus was used as a legacy of his Hausguts that focused around the Berry, Auvergne and the Velay. This Ebalus secured and his descendants the undisputed position of the first prince of Aquitaine. Although it can be assumed that he thus claimed the title of duke, Ebalus is dubbed solely as Comes in contemporary documents.

During the power struggle between the Carolingians and Robertinern 922 Ebalus stood on the side of King Charles III. of the Simple against Margrave Robert. For this reason he refused 923 and the new King Rudolph, from the Party of Robertiner, recognition. He tried it the power to curtail Ebalus '. It took him 932 the BlackBerry away, transferred the Auvergne to Count Raymond Pons of Toulouse, where he also gave the title of duke of Aquitaine. Furthermore, the King, La Marche, which was dependent on the Lords of Charroux made ​​, for independent county.

Ebalus was still unmarried in October 891. Later he married only Aremburga; in February 911 he was married to Emilienne. About the two women is nothing more known. He had two sons, both probably of Aremburga:

  • Wilhelm Werghaupt († April 3 963), Count of Poitou ( William I ) and Duke of Aquitaine ( William III. )
  • Ebalus († February 26 977 ), 844-963 Bishop of Limoges
  • Duke (Aquitaine )
  • House Auvergne Poitou
  • Graf ( Auvergne )
  • Graf ( Poitou )
  • Born in the 9th century
  • Died 935
  • Man