Oshin, King of Armenia

Oschin of Armenia (Armenian Օշին; * 1282, † July 20, 1320 ) was from 1307 to 1320 King of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia.

Oschin was a son of Leo III. and Keran ( Kir Anna ), daughter of Prince Hethum of Lambron. He belonged to the dynasty of the Hethumiden.

Oschin of Armenia came after the murder of his nephew, King Leon IV and his brother Hethum II in August 1307 by the Mongol emir Bilarghu in Anazarba to power. He began his reign with the establishment of an army and the expulsion of the Mongols. Oschin favored a Union of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Roman Catholic Church. This aroused the displeasure of the population and the Armenian barons. In 1309 he was the uncle of his wife, Oschin, the Marshal of Armenia, for the murder of Thoros III. executed.

His sister Isabella of Armenia married Amalric of Tyre. As Amalric 1310 took power in Cyprus by Henry II, of this Oschin was held in Kilikian Armenia under arrest. After the assassination of Amalric in the same year Henry II returned to Cyprus.

Oschin was married three times; first with Isabella of Korykos, with whom he had a son, Leon V.. She died in 1310. Afterwards he had a short marriage to Isabella of Lusignan, a daughter of King Hugh III. of Cyprus. Oschin separated before 1316 from her. In his third wife he married in February 1316 Joan of Anjou, a daughter of Titularkaisers of Constantinople Opel, Philip I of Tarentin Tarsus.

Probably King Oschin of Oschin of Korykos, his cousin and brother in law was poisoned. After Oschins death on July 20, 1320 him his eleven year old son Leon V. succeeded to the throne.