Michael IX Palaiologos

Michael IX. Palaeologus (Greek Μιχαήλ Θ Παλαιολόγος; * April 17, 1277, † October 12, 1320 in Thessaloniki, Greece) ruled as co-emperor of Byzantine 1294 / 95-1320 Michael IX. . was the eldest son of Andronikos II Palaiologos and Anna of Hungary, a daughter of King Stephen V of Hungary. He was with Rita of Armenia, a daughter of Leo III since 1296. married.


Michael IX. Palaeologus was appointed co-emperor in 1281 and 1294/95 awards. In 1300 he was sent at the head of alanischer mercenaries in an expedition against the Turks in Asia Minor and was from 1304 to 1305 given the power to fight the rebellious Catalan Company. After the murder of Roger de Flor, the commander of the Catalans, led Michael IX. the Byzantine troops, reinforced by Turkish associations and Alans 5000-8000, against the Catalans, but was wounded and defeated.

Likewise, Michael IX. in the fight against Todor Svetoslav of Bulgaria with little success. Already in 1304 the Bulgarians were victorious in the Battle of Skafida so that Michael IX. 1307 a peace made ​​with them and married one of his daughters with the Bulgarian emperor. 1311 Michael IX. beaten by Osman I, whereupon Michael IX. withdrew to Thessaloniki, where he also died in 1320.

As a brave and energetic soldier who was willing to make personal sacrifices in order to pay his troops, or to encourage Michael IX was. but usually unable to overcome his enemies and is the only of the Palaiologos Emperor, who died before his father. Michael IX. premature death at the age of 43 years resulted probably in part from the sorrow of the unplanned murder of his younger son Manuel Palaiologos by the kidnappers on behalf of his elder son and Mitkaisers Andronikos III. Palaiologos.


Michael IX. Palaiologos married Rita of Armenia ( renamed Maria, later as a nun Xene ), the daughter of King Leon IV of Armenia and Queen Keran of Armenia, on January 16, 1294 From this marriage sprang several children, including. :

  • Andronikos III. Palaiologos
  • Manuel Palaiologos, despotes
  • Anna Palaiologina which Thomas I Komnenos Doukas and later Nikola Orsini married
  • Theodora Palaiologina, 1307 Todor Svetoslav of Bulgaria married and afterwards Michael III. of Bulgaria


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  • Born in 1277
  • Died in 1320
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