It's a Beautiful Day

It's a Beautiful Day was an American rock band that was founded in 1967 by David LaFlamme in San Francisco. In addition, one of the party were LaFlammes first wife Linda LaFlamme, Hal Wagenet, Mitchell Holman, Pattie Santos and Val Fuentes. It was interesting for its time especially that an electronically enhanced violin was used as a supporting melody instrument of bandleader LaFlamme and was therefore largely dispense with the use of a solo guitar.


Even before the release of their debut album It's a Beautiful Day (1969 ) came to Fred Webb band. The LP got very good reviews, were released as singles White Bird, Bombay Calling and A Hot Summer Day. The original LP cover is considered one of the best covers in the history of rock music, could be due to licensing reasons, but not further used later. The piece Bombay Calling inspired Deep Purple to one of their most famous songs, Child In Time to compose, because organist Jon Lord was a big fan of It's a Beautiful Day and Deep Purple were the opening act on one of their tours.

The second album Marrying Maiden from 1970 came up in the top 30 of the U.S. album charts. As a studio guest Jerry Garcia was heard. After Holman and Wagenet had left the band in 1972, they had to be replaced by Tom Fowler and Bill Gregory. The notice published in the same year LP Choice Quality Stuff Anytime got bad reviews. In addition, the live album It's a Beautiful Day at Carnegie Hall appeared.

On the 1973 LP Today were then only Santos Fuentes, Webb, Gregory, Bud Cockrell, Greg Bloch and Donald Waldrop heard. Then the band broke up.

After David LaFlamme in 1978 after some concerts sold poorly founded a new band, they got the name It Was a Beautiful Day.

1996 there was a reunion concert with David LaFlamme, Holman, Wagenet and Fuentes in Santa Cruz.


  • It's a Beautiful Day (1969 )
  • Marrying Maiden (1970 )
  • Choice Quality Stuff / Anytime ( 1971)
  • It's a Beautiful Day ... Today (1973 )
  • 1001 Nights (Compilation ) ( 1974)
  • White Bird Amherst Records ( 1977)
  • Inside Out Amherst Records ( 1978)
  • It's A Beautiful Day / Marrying Maiden ( Rerelease ) ( 1998)
  • Beyond Dreams (2003)
  • David LaFlamme - Live in Seattle ( 2003)
  • David LaFlamme - Misery Loves Company (2005)