Independent Television News ( ITN ) is a prime time news provider in the UK with expanded activities in other English-speaking countries. ITN provides reports and reports on the two largest commercial TV Independent Television (ITV ) and Channel 4 The Radio Service IRN supplies radio stations with news and short reports.

Independent Television News was founded in 1955 as a consortium of the concession owner, the Labour MP Aidan Crawley served as editor in chief. The studios were set up at the headquarters of Associated - Rediffusion Television, the former operator of Independent Television.

ITN supplied ITV with national and international news, while the regional reports will be produced by ITV Studios largely on their own. In addition, ITN supplied long time television stations in the United States, in particular the non-commercial television network Public Broadcasting Service (PBS ), which cooperates with the BBC since 2001. As before ITN delivers to the news channel CNN, and numerous other stations around the globe.

ITN also ran a 24-hour news channel; this was later taken over by the leading ITV companies Carlton and Granada and continue to operate under the umbrella of ITV. However, ITV News Channel could not prevail against the competition from Sky News and BBC News 24 and was discontinued in December 2005. ITN also supplied a long time the commercial British television Channel 5 ( Five), who is now cooperating with Sky News.

During the 90 years, ITN had to face the accusation that too much to put on tabloid topics. Because of this and because of several realignments in the program lost the often more successful when compared to the BBC News Magazine of ITV considerably in market share.

The shareholders of ITN are today's ITV ITV plc operators (40 percent), Reuters (20 percent), the information provider United Work with Media plc (20 per cent ) and the Daily Mail & General Trust with a further 20 percent.