Ivachnová (Hungarian Ivachnófalu ) is a municipality in the northern central Slovakia with 505 inhabitants (as at 31 December 2011), which belongs to Okres Ružomberok, a circle of Žilinský and is counted to the traditional landscape Liptau.


The municipality is located in the western part of the basin Podtatranská kotlina on the left bank of the Waag. The center is located at an altitude of 503 m nm and is ten kilometers from Ruzomberok and 16 km away from Liptovsky Mikulas.


The town was first mentioned in writing in 1298.

1924-1955 the place Liptovsky Michal was (then Svaty Michal ) part of the community. 1976-1989 Ivachnová was itself part of Liptovská Teplá.


Results according to the census 2001 (481 inhabitants):

After Ethnicity:

  • 99.38 % Slovaks
  • 0.62% Czechs

After Confession:

  • 89.60 % Roman Catholic
  • 4.56% no religious affiliation
  • 3.53 % no answer
  • 2.29% Evangelical