IX Reserve Corps (German Empire)

The IX. Reserve Corps was a major unit of the army of the German Empire.


The Corps, at the start of the First World War:

  • 34th Reserve Infantry Brigade
  • 35th Reserve Infantry Brigade
  • Reserve Hussar Regiment No. 7
  • Reserve Field Artillery Regiment No. 18
  • 1st and 2nd Reserve-Kompanie/Pionier-Bataillon No. 9
  • Prepared from
  • Rod. II / Schleswig -Holstein Engineer Battalion No. 9
  • Guards Engineer Battalion
  • Pioneer Battalion No. 28

Battle calendar

Until August 23, 1914 the Corps of coastal protection in Schleswig -Holstein was incumbent against a possible British landing. Then it was transferred to the Western Front and fought with lions and Mechelen, Termonde, Noyon, and in October 1914 at Laucourt before the war of movement passed into the war of position.

In mid-July 1916, the corps was used on the Somme before the end of October moved the General Command of the Champagne region.

In February 1917, the corps was at Ypres before it was used in the spring Battle of Arras and then moved to the Hindenburg Line. 1918, fought in the Fourth Battle of Ypres, before Soissons and Reims, in the second battle of Cambrai.

Commanding General