J. D. Irving

The J. D. Irving Group is a large privately owned Canadian diversified company headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. The company operates production facilities in the eastern part of the country mainly in the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Iceland, Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador and in the USA. The company employs approximately 15,000 employees in the retail, forestry, paper products, agriculture, food production, transportation, shipbuilding, print media, as well as raw material extraction and processing.


J. D. Irving was founded in a small town in Bouctouche, New Brunswick from the industrial Dargavel James Irving in 1882. He had several children, one of whom was Kenneth Colin Irving helped as a child his father in the company. After he received the majority of his father's company, he took advantage of this and has introduced several expansions 1920-1940 by predominantly in the areas of raw material extraction and processing. In the postwar years the company's Pulp Mills in Saint John and in New York and other factories took over in New Brunswick. During 1950, the company took over the Saint John shipyard and began at the same time to the company to strengthen the market with the transportation and logistics operation as well as in the field of heavy industry ( Irivng Equipment). Between 1960 and 2000, followed by further acquisitions in Canada and in the neighboring United States, especially in the U.S. state of Maine.


  • Irving Forest Products & Services Irving Pulp & Paper Ltd..
  • Irving Paper Ltd..
  • Irving Tissue Co. Ltd..
  • Lake Utopia Paper
  • Irving Sawmill Division
  • Irving Woodlands Division
  • Irving Transportation Services New Brunswick Railway Co. Ltd..
  • Eastern Maine Railway Co. Ltd..
  • Maine Northern Railway Co. Ltd..
  • Midland transport
  • Midland Courier
  • RST Industries
  • Sunbury transport
  • Atlantic Towing
  • Kent Line
  • JDI Logistics
  • Harbour Development
  • Irving Shipbuilding & Fabrication Services Halifax Shipyard
  • East Isle Shipyard
  • Shelburne Ship Repair
  • Woodside Industries
  • Fleetway Services
  • Irving Retail & Distribution Services Chandler
  • Source Atlantic
  • Kent Building Supplies
  • Kent Homes
  • Universal Truck & Trailer
  • Shamrock Truss
  • Cavendish Agri Services
  • Irving Consumer Products Irving Tissue ( paper processing )
  • Irving Personal Care ( diapers, workout pants)
  • Cavendish Farms (Food )
  • Indian River Farms (Food )
  • Riverdale Foods ( food)
  • Master Packaging
  • Industrial Equipment & Construction Atlantic Wallboard
  • Irving Wallboard
  • Gulf Operators
  • Irving Equipment ( Construction )
  • Media Brunswick News Telegraph - Journal ( Saint John NB)
  • Times & Transcript ( Moncton NB)
  • The Daily Gleaner ( Fredericton NB)
  • La Voix du Restigouche ( Campbellton NB)
  • Le Journal Madawaska ( Edmundston NB)
  • L' Étoile (various editions) Édition Provinciale
  • Édition La Cataracte ( Grand Falls NB)
  • Édition Chaleur ( Bathurst NB)
  • Édition Dieppe ( Dieppe NB)
  • Édition Kent ( Bouctouche NB)
  • Édition Péninsule ( Shippagan NB)
  • Édition République ( Edmundston NB)
  • Édition Restigouche ( Campbellton NB)
  • Édition Shediac ( Shediac NB)
  • Kings County Record ( Sussex NB)
  • Miramichi Leader ( Miramichi NB)
  • The Northern Light ( Bathurst NB)
  • Here ( Saint John NB, Moncton NB, Fredericton NB)
  • Protrans Personnel Services Inc.
  • Security Services Industrial Security Inc.

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