Jabara, Estonia

59.35416727.021667Koordinaten: 59 ° 21 ' N, 27 ° 1' O

Jabara is a village (Estonian küla ) in the rural community Lüganuse ( Luganuse vald ). It is located in Ida -Viru county (East Wierland ) in northeastern Estonia.

Description and History

The village has 51 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2012). It is located between the street Tallinn - St Petersburg and the Estonian Baltic Sea coast.

Jabara (formerly Jäbara ) was first in 1492 as Rappyarue myt of moles mentioned. The settlement is much older. The archaeologist Marta forging helmet has 34 exposed in excavations 1925/26 and 1933 / the oldest Bronze Age graves in Estonia with their artifacts.

In 1977 the village was incorporated Sope ( Sope küla ) Jabara.