James Young Coachbuilder

James Young coachbuilder was a British coachbuilding company, which established an exclusive individual structures for high-quality chassis of Rolls- Royce and Bentley. 1967 ended the occupation of James Young.

Company History

James Young Coach Builder was founded in 1863 in Bromley. The company dealt initially with the production of Surrey. 1908 James Young made ​​the first body for an automobile. After the First World War, the focus of activity moved to the construction of automobile bodies. James Young dressed in the job numerous chassis from Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Rolls- Royce and Sunbeam. These were each unique pieces that have been developed on behalf of customers. Since the mid-1920s also James Young also provided some standard constructions for Sunbeam and Talbot.

In 1937, James Young by Jack Barclay, England's largest Rolls- Royce and Bentley dealership taken over. James Young became the preferred coachbuilders of Jack Barclay customers. It began a period of intense binding to Rolls- Royce; but besides created continue bodies for other brands such as Bugatti.

After the end of World War II James Young took over the production of special bodies again. In the 1950s created numerous bodies for Rolls- Royce Silver Cloud and its sister model Bentley S -Series, which differ mostly by a lighter roof structure and a lower line of the standard models. Completely independently were James Young bodies for Rolls- Royce Phantom V.

With the advent of self-supporting bodies it became increasingly difficult for body corporate to construct autonomous bodies. This was true of James Young, as well as for its competitors Hooper Coachbuilders or Barker Coachwork. While Hooper and Barker einstellten operation at the beginning of the 1960s, James Young first tried to survive with modifications of the self-supporting constructed Rolls- Royce Silver Shadow and Bentley T-Series. The company developed shortly after the presentation of the four-door series models a two-door version of the Silver Shadow. The lines of this model were straight and strict; they lacked the ease of factory Silver Shadow coupe ( which later became the Rolls- Royce Corniche was born). James Young produced in 1965 and 1966 a total of 35 Two -door saloon based on the Rolls- Royce Silver Shadow and 15 nearly identical models on Bentley T1 basis. When Rolls -Royce in 1967 his own two-door versions introduced, accounted for the market for the James -Young products. They were the last models that bore the name of James Young.

James Young made ​​in 1967 the production of automobile bodies a.


Talbot BA110 with convertible construction by James Young ( 1935)

Rolls- Royce Silver Cloud III James Young body (1965 )

Rolls- Royce Silver Cloud III James Young body (1965 )

Rolls- Royce Silver Shadow James Young Coupe (1967 )