Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

The Rolls -Royce Silver Shadow ( dt: Silver Shadow ) is a luxury car from Rolls -Royce. He released in 1965 from the Silver Cloud and was produced in two model lines by 1980. Its successor was the Silver Spirit.


1965, the Silver Shadow and the identical sister model Bentley T-Series was presented. The Bentley differed only by other brand emblems, grille and adapted to the grill hood from the Silver Shadow. Were the previous models with its curved forms conservative even for their time, so the new models were at the height of the time and have been widely recognized as successful. This applied both to the technology and for the body, which had been designed under the direction of John Blatchley and took up elements of a few years earlier developed concept car Rolls- Royce Rangoon. In technical terms, innovations such as a self-supporting body produced at Pressed Steel, disc brakes, independent suspension and level control were used. The two models were in their external dimensions in all dimensions smaller and lighter than previous models, but the interior could be increased by the self-supporting body. The first series of the Silver Shadow was the later so-called Silver Shadow I, which was renamed after a facelift to in 1977, Silver Shadow II. The most striking exterior changes were the redesigned grille and the now voluminous bumpers with plastic coating. Already the end of 1973 the latter were prescribed in the U.S.; therefore, they are taken alone is not a reliable distinguishing feature. Clear distinguishing feature is the exterior mirrors; only in model II are adjustable from inside and correspondingly larger.

In 1969, the Silver Shadow was offered with an extended wheelbase by ten centimeters. A pilot series of 10 vehicles had already been completed 1966/67; one of the first customers was Princess Margaret. She later won more vehicles in this series. This extended version was referred to the introduction of the Silver Shadow II Silver Wraith II; in the first series called Rolls- Royce Silver Shadow this model as a Long Wheel Base ( LWB ie; abbreviated LWF).

The Silver Wraith was mainly supplied with a everflex roof. This is a high-quality vinyl roof, available in different colors. In contrast, the Silver Shadow was bought majority without this roof.

During the construction period, there were several technical and optical modifications. So the original, dating from the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III 6.3-liter eight-cylinder and the associated 4- speed automatic transmission was replaced in 1970 by a 6.75 -liter engine and a three speed automatic; the dashboard has been adjusted to U.S. safety regulations under this facelift.

The Silver Shadow was also as Two Door Saloon and from 1967 also available as a convertible and was manufactured by Mulliner Park Ward. These variants have been renamed in 1971 Rolls- Royce Corniche.

With over 29,000 copies was the Rolls- Royce Silver Shadow of the most built up to that Rolls- Royce.

And engine power

Initially we used 8- cylinder V- engine with 6230 cc capacity was replaced in 1970 by a unit with 6750 cc. The engine power concealed Rolls -Royce at the time and described it as "sufficient". The 6230 - cc engine actually made ​​131 kW ( 178 hp) at 4500 rpm; the built from 1970 6750 - cc engine 147 kW ( 200 hp ) 4500 rpm at also. The maximum torque was 500 Nm and 550 Nm at 2500 rpm respectively. The Silver Shadow II accelerated in 11.0 seconds to 100 km / h; the top speed was measured with 190 km / h. The average fuel consumption was 22 liters per 100 kilometers.

Special bodies

Numerous Silver Shadow models were subsequently modified by independent body shops.

  • So created Coachwork FLM Panel Craft based on the Silver Shadow half a dozen vans.
  • In addition to the Two -door saloon models of Rolls- Royce itself presented the British coachbuilder James Young Coachbuilder 35 Rolls- Royce and 15 Bentley Two Door Saloon ago, which differ in their line significantly more to the sedan -oriented than the coupe by Mulliner Park Ward.
  • The London-based coachbuilder Hooper developed in 1974 a four door Landaulet based on the Silver Shadow. From the vehicle designated as Hooper Landaulette only a few copies were built.

Production figures for the Rolls- Royce Silver Shadow

The first series was given the Roman numeral I only after introduction of the second series; hence the original designation is given from the years of production in this table, the production figures.


Silver Shadow I

1973 Silver Shadow I Long Wheelbase

1973 Silver Shadow I Long Wheelbase Rear view with small rear window and roof everflex

1967 Silver Shadow James Young Coupe

Silver Wraith II

Interior of a Silver Shadow I

Engine of the Rolls- Royce Silver Shadow with 6.75 liter capacity

A station wagon converted to FLM Panel Craft Silver Shadow I