Rolls-Royce Corniche

Rolls- Royce Corniche, named after the Corniche near Monaco, is a model name of the British manufacturer Rolls- Royce.

Under this name ( convertible ) versions of the Rolls- Royce Silver Shadow, and from 2000 to 2002, Rolls- Royce version of the Bentley Continental R were from 1971 to 1995 the coupe and drophead coupe marketed.

At times there were from the sister brand Bentley, a parallel model Bentley Corniche, which was renamed Bentley Continental 1984. The name Corniche had in 1939 a prototype based on the Bentley Mark V worn, but which was not gone into production because of the outbreak of war.

Corniche (1971-1987)

The name Corniche was introduced in 1971 for the manufactured since 1965 or 1967 coupe and convertible versions of the Silver Shadows. Officially called the Rolls- Royce they Two Door Saloon, because they had space moderately similar extent as the four-door saloons. The vehicles were manufactured at the Rolls -Royce coachbuilder Mulliner Park belonging Ward in London.

The coupe Corniche was taken in 1982 from the offer.

The Corniche had the regular V8 engine of the house with the engine block of an aluminum -silicon alloy ( Alusil ), aluminum cylinder heads and wet, cast iron cylinder liners. 104.1 mm bore and 99.1 mm stroke resulted in a total displacement of 6750 cc. Initially the engine with two SU carburetors, 1975 was equipped with a Solex four -barrel carburetor. From 1980, a Bosch injection was used.

The three-speed automatic, a Turbohydramatic 400, came from General Motors. The chassis had independent suspension all round and coil springs at the front and rear axle, further comprising an automatic level control (manufactured by Rolls- Royce waiving the pneumatic damper under Citroen license), first on all four, later only on the rear wheels. For delay disc brakes provided all round, from 1972 in internally ventilated design.

The wheelbase of 3042 mm in 1974 stretched to 3048 and 1979 to 3061 mm.

Corniche II (1988-1989)

In 1988, the model was renamed after a facelift in Corniche II. The chrome bumpers gave way units of aluminum and rubber, were supplied in body color, as well as the exterior mirrors. The radiator was made of aluminum, the oil got its own oil cooler. ABS was now series, airbags were not available. Other changes included new wheels, new reverse lights next to the rear license plate, new seats and a revised dashboard. The most visually striking change is the continuous center tunnel.

Corniche III (1989-1993)

The Corniche III was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn 1989. The only major innovation compared with the Corniche II were the airbags fitted as standard. The bumpers were now no longer running black, but painted in body color, the chassis underwent improvements. In the interior, the dashboard and center console have been retouched.

Rear view

Rolls- Royce Corniche III, open

Rear view


Corniche IV (1993-1995)

In 1993 the Corniche IV was introduced. After Mulliner Park Ward had been closed, the cars were now manufactured at the main factory in Crewe. Instead of the plastic came a glass rear window for use, to the top mechanism was revised, which accounted for manual locking. Standard features included not only the driver and front passenger airbags, a CFC-free automatic climate control.

The last 25 Corniche produced in 1995 received a turbo engine and were named officially Corniche S.

Corniche V (2000-2002)

In January 2000, the plant, as the last new development before the takeover by BMW, a new Corniche convertible before. It was powered by a turbocharged version of the 6.8 -liter Rolls-Royce V8. Outwardly, it resembled the recently developed Rolls- Royce Silver Seraph, but based on the Bentley Continental R. Until August 2002 originated from this nearly 550,000 £ 360,000 or U.S. $ 374 Cabriolet expensive copies.


  • Rolls- Royce Corniche: 4347 Coupe (1971-1982): 1108
  • Cabriolet (1971-1987): 3239
  • Coupe (1971-1982): 63
  • Cabriolet (1971-1984): 77
  • Corniche IV (1993-1995): 219
  • Corniche S (1995 ): 25
  • Bentley Continental Turbo (1992-1995): 8


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