Bentley Continental R

The Bentley Continental R was a large, very expensive luxury coupe from Bentley, which was produced 1991-2002. It was the first Bentley since R-Type, which was based not on an identical Rolls- Royce. He was also the fastest, most powerful, but also most expensive Bentley his time. The convertible version of the Bentley Azure, was launched in 1995. In the course of production, several versions of the Continental, which differed from each other mainly by the engine emerged. In the Le Mans Edition was made by the Continental R 313 kW ( 426 hp). This corresponds to the Continental T.

Model Name

The term Continental Bentley took a model name again, which was used in the 1950s and 1960s for sports and especially expensive modifications of the production models. The Bentley R- Type Continental from 1952 and its successors S1 Continental ( 1955-1959 ), S2 Continental ( 1959-1962 ) and S3 Continental ( 1962-1966 ), which were each equipped with individual structures renommerierter coachbuilders, were among the most expensive and exclusive cars of their time. The Continental R should follow this tradition.

Model history

The origins of the Bentley Continental R go back to 1985 and is related to a process which should lead to the revival of the Bentley brand. Bentley had become since the introduction of the Model T in the public perception into a mere appendage of the Rolls-Royce brand and led a shadowy existence. With the Mulsanne Turbo of 1982, the company management, Bentley began to give a self image again. In order to foster this development, the brand manager Mike Dunn and Peter Ward called for a " stand-alone design quality " Bentleys. This meant that Bentley will no longer should offer mere variations of Rolls- Royce designs. First approach was a coupé study called Project 90, which had been developed by the British designers John Heffernan and Ken Greenley. The Project 90 was a two-seater notchback coupe with aerodynamically rounded lines, whose shape recalled to the American Lincoln Mark VII. After the study had been well received at the Geneva Motor Show in 1985, the decision was made for a series production. Development began in 1986, after the production of the Rolls- Royce Camargue was adjusted. The design has been further developed in the course of time, however, the basic layout remained. The technical components initiated the developers from the traditional Rolls- Royce designs, refined it, however in some details. Series production of the Continental R began after five years of development in the spring of 1991.


Continental R

The basic version of the Continental R was equipped with the 6.75 -liter eight-cylinder turbo engine from the Bentley Turbo R. The engine power was estimated at 239 kW ( 325 hp).

Continental S

The Bentley Continental S was a special version of the coupe, which was also equipped with an intercooler. The engine power, improved to about 283 (385 hp). From 1994 to 1995 created 30 copies of this version; after the intercooler in the regular Continental R was available.

Continental T

The Bentley Continental T was the sportiest version of the model family. He was equipped with a 313 kW ( 426 hp) version of the turbocharged engine. The torque amounted to 800 Nm or 881 Nm (from 1997). The car had a wheelbase shortened by 10 cm, so it was no longer admitted as a four-seater, but only as a 2 2- seater. The weight of the car was reduced compared to the standard version by 91 kg. In addition, the chassis was tuned harder. The dashboard was equipped with chrome metal plates instead of wood.

Continental R Mulliner

The 1999 Continental Mulliner presented combined the regular, that is not shortened chassis of the Continental R with the powerful engine of the Continental T. The name of the cars recalled the former coachbuilder HJ Mulliner, who had been taken over by Rolls- Royce in 1959. From this release, other special versions were derived, including the Continental Le Mans, the R420 Continental and Continental Millenium, each of which was produced in very small numbers. A total of 194 Continental R cars came with the 313 kW ( 426 hp ) engine the T version.

Continental SC Sedanca

The built at the base of the T body from 1998 Continental SC Sedanca (or Sedanca Coupe) had a removable glass roof over the two front seats. The roof over the rear seats was made against it. Bentley claims to be planned in at the presentation from the beginning to produce only 80 copies of this 1998 690,000 Mark expensive vehicle, there was in fact only 79 copies produced (73 Continental SC, 6 Continental SC Mulliner ). However, the cessation of production of the type which also was the first newly presented Bentley after the takeover by Volkswagen, was founded in 2000 with the Benötigung of production capacity for the successful Azure or its sister model, the Rolls- Royce Corniche. Nevertheless, it was possible to production times of the Continental T and 2002 to have finished with the appropriate customer a Continental SC in addition to the series. As the Continental R, there was also one from SC Mulliner version that had the 875 Nm powerful engine of the Continental T. Despite outstanding in itself processing the car is considered by the Continental T compared to less stiff body in combination with the removable roof panels as little " waterproof ". So the joke circulating in owner's circles, SC stands for " Soggy Carpets'; to German: , wet carpets '. As one of the most prominent owner of a Continental SC applies the former U.S. boxer Mike Tyson.

Bentley Azure

The production of large coupe was discontinued in 2002, the Bentley Azure remained until 2003 in production. After the production of convertibles has been set despite demand, as in the factory in Crewe all capacities for the development of smaller Continental family were needed. In addition, new crash regulations have hampered the continuation of the production. Only in 2006, appeared in parallel with the Bentley Continental GTC, a successor to the Bentley Azure based on the Arnage. The technical data of the "new " Azure of the model year 2006 were consistent with those of the Arnage R. (335 kW, 875 Nm). In addition, massive reinforcements made ​​of carbon fiber reinforced plastic are incorporated, inter alia, in the underbody, which reduce the Karosserieverwindungen over its predecessor significantly.


Bentley Continental Mulliner R420

Bentley Continental R Mulliner

Bentley Continental SC Sedanca



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