Bentley S1

Bentley S1 with factory body

The Bentley S1 was a luxury sedan, the 1955 to 1959 under the brand Bentley Motors Limited was sold in 1931. The vehicle was technically identical to the Rolls- Royce Silver Cloud. The S1 was the factory stock with a steel body, which corresponded to that of the Silver Cloud. A special version of the S 1 is the Continental S, it gave with different structures.


The Rolls -Royce Silver Cloud and Bentley used equally known from the previous model six-cylinder engine ( 4887 cc ). The bore was 95.25 mm, the stroke 114.3 mm and the compression ratio was 6.6:1. The engine was equipped with twin SU carburetors that were from 1957 replaced by newer models. A 4-speed automatic transmission only belonged to the standard equipment and there was a 4-speed manual transmission as an option until 1957 There was the S1 with two wheelbases. 3124 mm and 3226 mm from 1957.

Plant body

The series corresponded to the body of the Silver Cloud. The only distinguishing feature was cooler design and emblem. The S1 was the first evidence that Bentley's parent company, Rolls -Royce, wanted to reduce the differences between the Bentley and Rolls- Royce models.

Special bodies

The for Rolls-Royce Group company operating Park Ward walked the customer several bodies work in convertibles around. Other special bodies came from Graber, Hooper, James Young and HJ Mulliner. They provided coupes, convertibles and sedan bodies, compiled in consultation with customers and more or less distinguished from the work of the bodies.

Continental S1

A somewhat sportier variant S1 Continental was introduced six months later. She was provided exclusively by independent bodies independent body corporate. The best-known version is the S1 Continental Sports Saloon, a four-seat hatchback coupe that was designed and built by HJ Mulliner & Co.. A very similar version Mulliner had been for the previous model, the Bentley R-Type produced. Mulliner also produced single Continental convertible. There were bodies of Park Ward, James Young and Hooper, who were often designed as a four-door sedans. By 1959, created 431 copies of the S1 Continental.


A model with the short wheelbase has been tested by the British magazine The Motor in 1957 and reached a top speed of this 166 km / h and increased from 0 to 100 km / h in 13.1 s speed. The fuel consumption was measured at 17.5 l/100 km.


  • S1: 3072 (145 of coachbuilders )
  • S1 long wheelbase: 35 (12 of coachbuilders )
  • S1 Continental: 431


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