Bentley 8 Litre

The Bentley 8 Litre was a car model manufacturer Bentley. The vehicles emerged from the 1930-1932 offered by Bentley chassis and body structures of different Stellmacher businesses.

With the 8 Litre Bentley broke with the tradition of offering road-going race cars. The 8 Litre should gain a foothold in the market segment of luxury limousines.

The Bentley 8 Litre was in its long version with 3962 mm wheelbase (short: 3658 mm) was then the largest passenger car chassis from a British production and weighed 3700 lb (1678 kg), the finished vehicle could depending on the structure reach two tons. The six-cylinder engine with dual ignition and four valves per cylinder had 7,983 cc and produced a maximum of 164 kW ( 220 hp ) at 3500 rpm. The overhead camshaft was driven by three push rods. With 110 mm bore and 140 mm stroke of the engine was designed with a long stroke. Cylinder block and head were a cast iron piece ( bag cylinder ), the crankcase was made ​​of light metal. He proved to be torquey and smooth and could also vehicles with heavy attachments to over 100 mph (160 km / h) speed. The force was transmitted to the rear wheels via a single-plate and a manual transmission with four gears. Front and rear rigid axles of the car had longitudinally mounted leaf springs. On all wheels there were drum brakes and 21 -inch tires. The brakes were power-assisted.

The 8 Litre was originally planned as a limited series of 150 chassis. According to this number parts were built or bought. Bernato but decided to use parts of this stock for the production of the Bentley 4 Litre. Thus, the 50 4 Litre chassis originated from decommissioned for the 8 - Litre production parts.

The 8 Litre was available from the autumn of 1930, in which year five chassis were built. 1931 62 chassis under the leadership of Bentley were produced. After the insolvency Bentleys in July 1931, the acquisition by Rolls- Royce in November 1931, the production was continued. 1932 were built from existing parts of another 33 chassis. The first Bentley 8 Litre was approved in October 1930, the last in December 1932 100 chassis were built by Bentley and Rolls -Royce.; 35 with 145 inch wheelbase ( 3658.6 mm) and 65 with 153 inch wheelbase ( 3963.4 mm).

Pictures of Bentley 8 Litre