Bentley 4 Litre

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The Bentley 4 Litre was a car model manufacturer Bentley. The vehicles emerged from the 1931-1933 offered by Bentley chassis and body structures of different Stellmacher businesses.

The started with the 8 Litre shift from road- racing vehicles to sporty sedan cars continued with the 4 Litre. The new model should win the market segment for luxury-class limousines with superior performance new customers. These chassis of the Bentley 8 Litre was slightly modified and provided with a method developed by Ricardo IOE engine, which, however, did not meet the demands of the customers.

Priced at £ 1,225, the chassis of the 4 Litre to 175 pounds was more expensive than the standard 4 ½ liter and around £ 75 more expensive than the 4 ½ liter supercharged ( " Blower" ), the price of one in January 1931 by £ 1,475 to £ 1,150 had decreased.

The first Bentley 4 Litre was approved in May 1931, the last in June 1933., Even after the insolvency of Bentley Motors in July 1931, the 4 Litre under the leadership of the new owner Rolls- Royce was producing. A total of 50 chassis emerged, including 11 with an extended wheelbase (140 instead of 134 inches ).