Bentley S2

The Bentley S2 ( and deduced from it sports version of Bentley S2 Continental ) was a luxury-class car model of Bentley Motors. From the previous Bentley S1 the vehicle differed mainly by a new V8 engine and a better climate.

Standard Model

The beginning of October 1959 presented S2 was like the Rolls- Royce Silver Cloud II, equipped with a new aluminum V8 engine instead of the previous in-line six-cylinder engine. This new engine S2 was significantly faster than the previous vehicle. He also provided sufficient power reserves for the numerous ancillary units such as the new air conditioner. Engine Block - with wet liners - and cylinder heads of the new engine were made of cast aluminum, the engine capacity measured 6.2 liter ( 6230 cc ) with a bore of 104 and a stroke of 94 millimeters, the hanging valves were actuated by hydraulic tappets from a central camshaft. The mixture was prepared by double carburetors with automatic choke and the compression ratio was 8: 1 As standard, there was now a power steering, as well as a new instrument panel and a new steering wheel was introduced. Some of the early S2 models were shipped with the old S1 dashboard.

The S2 was (127 Zoll/3225, 8 mm "long wheel base" ) offered with the short wheelbase ( "short wheelbase " 123 Zoll/3124, 2 mm) and long wheelbase. By default, the vehicles were delivered to the plant body; However, there was still the possibility to acquire only the chassis. The sports version S2 Continental was only offered as a chassis. Of the 1 920 between 1959 and 1962 produce S2 chassis (SWB and LWB) were the most shipped from the factory with the default body as finished vehicles, the rest received vehicle bodies by Park Ward, Hooper, HJ Mulliner & Co. and James Young.

S2 Continental

As in the case of its predecessor, Bentley also offered at the S2 to a sporty special version called Continental. Bentley supplied here only the roadworthy chassis; the building was contributed by each independent body corporate on behalf of customers. S2 bodies were Mulliner, James Young (both coupe and four-door sedan ), Park Ward (Convertible), Hooper ( sedan ) and Graber (Coupe ). A total of 388 copies of the S2 Continental emerged.

Bentley S2 Drop Head Coupe (H J Mulliner, 1962)

Bentley Continental S2 Cabriolet ( Park Ward, 1962)

Bentley Continental Flying Spur S2 (4- door sedan, James Young)

Production figures

  • S2: 1863; including 15 with HJ Mulliner & Co. - " drophead coupe " bodies (Convertible)
  • S2 long wheelbase: 57; including 5 with James Young and 1 with Wendler body
  • S2 Continental: 388

Total: 2308