Bentley S3

The Bentley S3 is a luxury class car model of Bentley. In the standard version with factory body, the vehicle was produced as a four-door sedan from 1962 to 1965. The premiere took place at the Mondial de l'Automobile in October 1962.

Differences to its predecessor

The external main difference with the previous S2 consisted of new front-end design, with now four rather than two headlights. This was also the transition to the completely renewed design of the successor of T1 with the definitions of new headlights, the power was increased from 120 to 150 watts, so that the illumination is increased by about 230 meters, and the scattering of the low beam could be improved.

Apart from the new headlight design, the front changed by 1.5 inches (about 3.8 cm) lower grille; redesigned fender with separate indicators ( previously integrated into the auxiliary headlamps ), as well as scaled- bumper apertures ( also at the rear ).

Inside, the S3 is equipped with individual seats for driver and front passenger, also the dashboard was equipped with a padded impact protection. In the rear, the seat 2 inches (about 5 cm) was pushed back to the legroom to increase and equipped with modified shoulder padding.

The 6.2 -liter V8 engine of the predecessor has been slightly revised, with larger carburetor and a ratio of 8:1 increased to 9:1 compression, the power has been increased by 7 percent. The power steering was also improved and was now to operate with lower steering forces.

S3 Continental

As in the case of its predecessor, Bentley also offered at the S2 to a sporty special version called Continental. Bentley supplied here only the roadworthy chassis; the building was contributed by each independent body corporate on behalf of customers. S2 bodies were Mulliner, James Young (both coupe and four-door sedan ), Park Ward (Convertible), Hooper ( sedan ) and Graber (Coupe ). A total of 388 copies of the S2 Continental emerged.

Volume of production

  • Bentley S3: 1286 (1 Drophead Coupe by Mulliner Park Ward )
  • Bentley S3 long wheelbase: 32 (7 with coachwork by James Young)

( Continental below )

  • Bentley S3 Continental: 311 (291 by Mulliner Park Ward and James Young of 20 )
  • Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur by Mulliner Park Ward
  • Bentley S3 Continental drophead coupé by Mulliner Park Ward