GM stands for:

  • Air Slovakia, after the airline IATA code
  • Gambia, country code according to ISO 3166
  • Game Master, alternative term for game master ( game )
  • Utility model, a patent right for inventions
  • Secret employee of the Ministry of State Security of the GDR
  • General Manager, English for " General"
  • General Midi, definition of the MIDI interface for electronic musical instruments
  • General Motors, American automobile manufacturers
  • Genetically modified, genetically modified English
  • Geometric Mean, Eng. for Geometric Mean
  • German Modification (GM ) in the diagnostic classification system ICD -10 ( ICD -10-GM )
  • DC machine, electrical
  • GM, brand name of the former French automobile manufacturer Gendron et Compagnie
  • GM-1, a device for increasing the engine performance of aircraft engines
  • Gmunden motor cars, car type of Gmunden tramway
  • GM Recordings, a record label
  • Gold Master, stage of development of a software
  • Göttingen miscellanea, Egyptological journal
  • Large Munsterlander, a hunting breed
  • Grandmaster ( chess ), the highest awarded by the World Chess Federation title
  • Morocco after the ICAO code
  • Metacentric height, a measure of the stability of a vessel
  • The Genealogy of Morals, Nietzsche a font
  • Memorial mass

GM as distinguishing signs on license plate:

Gm stands for:

  • G minor, key in the musical chord symbols ( in jazz, pop and rock notation)
  • Gigameter, one billion meters, the SI unit of length

Gm stands for:

  • The country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) Gambia, see. gm
  • English abbreviation for the unit gram (especially in scientific contexts used)
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  • Abbreviation