Janakkala [ jɑnɑk ɑlɑ ː ] is a municipality in the south of Finland with 16,928 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2012). It is located about 15 km south of the town Hämeenlinna and 90 km north of the capital Helsinki in the landscape Kanta -Häme.


Janakkala is located at the headwaters of Vanajavesi lakes area, which is drained by the river system of the Kokemäenjoki River. The waters of the area flow into the lake Kernaalanjärvi, which in turn is drained by the river Hiidenjoki in the Vanajavesi lake. In addition, numerous Oser characteristic of the landscape. The flat areas between the eskers are fertile and used for agriculture.


Janakkkala has two population centers: Turenki with ( 7079 inhabitants on 31 December 2004), and Tervakoski ( 4881 inhabitants). The Kirchdorf Tarinmaa follows with only 396 inhabitants, only fourth behind Leppäkoski (435 inhabitants). Other villages in the municipality are Heinäjoki, Hiisi, Hyvikkälä, Kerkkola, Kernaala, Kiipula, Kiri, Koljala, Löyttymäki, Mallinkainen, Melkkola, Napiala, Saloinen, Sauvala, Tanttala, Uhkoila, Virala and Vähikkälä. Overall, three-quarters of community residents live in urban areas. The population of the community is due to its proximity to Hämeenlinna and the land policy of the municipality to increase.

Coat of arms

Description: In a red guardant blaugezungter golden lynx head under a castellated cut golden head of the shield with a black paws cross on which to his sides a black spearhead shows.


The first mention of Janakkala dates from the year 1341 .. During the period of Swedish rule originated in Janakkala numerous farms. Janakkala belongs to the municipalities in Finland with the most stately. Some of the farms are still owned by the old nobility. The municipality Janakkala exists since 1866.


  • Tauno Marttinen (1912-2008), Kompnost died in Janakkala
  • Veikko Lahti ( b. 1926 ), born in Janakkala Ringer


The St. Lawrence consecrated stone church was consecrated in 1520, the main attractions of Janakkala part of Puuhamaa Adventure Park and the ski center Kalpalinna, which has achieved 12 slopes with a length of up to 450 meters.

The estate Vanaantaka

Library and sports center of Janakkala