Jobert of Syria

Fra ' Joubert, called by Syria ( also Iubertus, Jobert, Gilbert, Josberto; † October 1177 ) was from 1169 to his death in the seventh Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller.

He followed Gastone de Murols after his death. His nickname is due to the fact that he was born in Palestine (Syria ).

1172 King Amalric I of Jerusalem, a journey to Constantinople Opel undertook to win the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I for an alliance against Saladin, he sat Joubert for his absence as regent of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, as well as a guardian for the minor heir Baldwin IV a.

In August 1174 he opposed, along with the Templars and local nobles, the self-appointed regent of Jerusalem, Miles of Plancy, who reigned IV for the young and leper King Baldwin. Joubert refused to support his attack with a Norman- Sicilian fleet to Egypt. He stood on the side of Count Raymond III. of Tripoli, who, in the autumn of the same year, succeeded Miles after his assassination as regent. In December 1174, the Knights of the Order then involved in Raymond's attack against Sultan Saladin in Syria, where the latter had just taken Homs. 1176 he joined the Count Philip of Flanders, to fight in Syria against Saladin. Joubert supported the policy King Baldwin IV, who wanted to expand into Egypt. The king promised to the order a (still to be conquered ) piece of land in Egypt, for its support.

In January 1177 Joubert was last mentioned and probably died the same year. His successor, Roger de Moulins was on the expansion plans for Egypt.