Joe Chambers

Joseph Arthur Chambers ( born June 25, 1942 in Stoneacre, Virginia) is an American jazz drummer. He belonged to a group of jazz musicians who received a variety of seminal jazz albums, especially with Blue Note Records in the 1960s.

Life and work

Joe Chambers attended the Chester High School in Chester, later the Philadelphia Conservatory for one year and then the American University in Washington, DC. Thereafter Chambers occurred in the region and Washington, DC, before moving to New York City in 1963.

There he first worked with musicians such as Eric Dolphy and Freddie Hubbard, with whom he recorded the album Breaking Point in 1964. He played drums with Jimmy Giuffre and Andrew Hill, since the mid-1960s with Bobby Hutcherson, Joe Henderson and Sam Rivers. With Wayne Shorter, he recorded the album Adam's Apple on in 1966.

In 1970 he became a member of Max Roach's percussion ensemble M'Boom; next he performed with jazz legends such as Sonny Rollins, Tommy Flanagan, Charles Mingus and Art Farmer. Tommy Flanagan and Reggie Workman, he founded the Super Jazz Trio. In the late 1970s, he was co-leader of the band of Larry Young and played in the band of Karl Ratzer with Jeremy Steig and Eddie Gomez. In the 1980s he played a recording under Chet Baker and Ray Mantilla.

Joe Chambers is also active as a teacher, then at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City, where he leads the outlaw band. In 2008, he took over the Thomas S. Kenan Lahr chair as Distinguished Professor of Jazz Department of Music at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Disco Graphical Notes

As a leader

With M'Boom

  • Re: Percussion ( Strata - East, 1973)
  • M'Boom (Columbia, 1979)
  • Collage ( Soul Note, 1984)

As a sideman

With Donald Byrd

  • Mustang! Blue Note, 1964
  • Fancy Free Blue Note, 1969

With Chick Corea

  • Tones for Joan 's Bones Atlantic, 1966

With Miles Davis

  • The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions, Columbia, 1969

With Art Farmer

  • Something Tasty, Baystate, 1979

With Don Friedman

  • Metamorphosis, Prestige Records, 1966

With Joe Henderson

  • Fashion for Joe Blue Note, 1966
  • Joe Henderson Big Band, Polygram Records, 1992

By Andrew Hill

  • Andrew! Blue Note Records, 1964
  • One For One, Blue Note Records, 1965
  • Compulsion! ! Blue Note Records, 1965

With Freddie Hubbard

  • Breaking Point, Blue Note Records, 1964

With Bobby Hutcherson

  • Dialogue, Blue Note Records, 1965
  • Components, Blue Note Records, 1965
  • Happenings, Blue Note Records, 1966
  • Spiral, Blue Note Records, 1965-1968
  • Oblique, Blue Note Records, 1967
  • Patterns, Blue Note Records, 1968
  • Total Eclipse, Blue Note Records, 1968
  • Medina, Blue Note Records, 1969
  • Now!, Blue Note Records, 1969

With Hubert Laws

  • Wildflower (Atlantic, 1972)

With Charles Mingus

  • Charles Mingus and Friends in Concert (Columbia, 1972)
  • Something Like A Bird, Atlantic Records, 1978
  • Me, Myself and Eye, Atlantic Records, 1978

With Sam Rivers

  • Contours, Blue Note Records, 1965

With Woody Shaw

  • Cassandranite, Muse, 1965

With Archie Shepp

  • Fire Music, Impulse!, 1965
  • On This Night, Impulse!, 1965
  • For Losers Impulse!, 1969
  • Kwanza Impulse!, 1969
  • On Green Dolphin Street, Denon, 1977

With Wayne Shorter

  • Et Cetera Blue Note, 1965
  • The All Seeing Eye Blue Note, 1965
  • Adam 's Apple Blue Note, 1966
  • Schizophrenia Blue Note, 1967

With The Super Jazz Trio

  • The Super Jazz Trio, Baystate Records, 1978
  • The Standard, Baystate Records, 1980

With Hidefumi Toki

  • City, Baystate Records, 1978

With Charles Tolliver

With McCoy Tyner

  • Tender Moments Blue Note, 1967

Miroslav Vitous With

  • Infinite Search, Embryo / Atlantic, 1969

With Tyrone Washington

  • Natural Essence Blue Note, 1967

With Joe Zawinul

  • Zawinul Atlantic, 1970