Johann Fischart

Johann Baptist species, called Mentzer (ie, "Mainz " to the origin of the Father, * 1546 or 1547 in Strasbourg, † 1591 in Forbach ) was an Early New Writers.

Species visited the Latin school in Worms and studied at the University of Tübingen thereafter. From 1566 he traveled to Flanders and Paris. From 1570 he was again in Strasbourg, where his works were published mainly in the publishing of his brother Bernhard Jobin. In Basel, he received his doctorate in 1574 a doctorate in law. 1581 to 1583 he was a lawyer at the Imperial Chamber Court in Speyer. In 1583 he was bailiff in Forbach.

Species, the Lutherans, then was only Calvinist, wrote against the decline of morals, the papacy and the Jesuits. Almost all the works Fischart are working for templates, where he frequently made ​​use of Knittel verse. Masterly is his pun art, its many famous word inventions ( the jocular designation geese wine for water is first mentioned in one of his works ). Many of his works are examples of the coarseness. His most famous work is the Affentheurlich Naupengeheurliche Geschichtklitterung (1575 ), a free and added sealing translation of François Rabelais Gargantua factory, which later appeared under the title of historical misrepresentation.


  • Barfüsser sects and cowl dispute, 1570/71
  • Artliches praise of lutes, 1572
  • Eulenspiegel rhyme Weis, 1572 issued by Adolf Hauffen
  • All practice grandmother, 1572
  • A preparation in the " Amadis ", 1572
  • Flöh - Haz, women - Tratz, 1573
  • No serious Ermanung to the dear Germans, 1573
  • Animal pictures, 1574
  • Statement of the donkey, before 1575
  • Affentheurlich Naupengeheurliche Geschichtklitterung, 1575/90
  • Etlich Sonnet, 1575
  • Biblical histories, 1576
  • The cricket Krottestisch Müller, 1577
  • The Glückhafft ship of Zurich, 1576/77 in digitization
  • The Gorgonisch medusa head, 1577
  • Podagram (m) isch Trostbüchlin, 1577
  • Binenkorb Des Heyl. Roman Imenschwarms, 1579
  • The Jesuiterhütlein ( satire), 1580 digitization at
  • From Außgelaßnen raging Teuffelsheer, 1581
  • A Verweißliche Auffruckung the perverse, false scholars and Gernbetrognen, 1584
  • A Auss Meyland uberschribener report, 1589 digitized version of the Augsburg University Library
  • Uncalvinisch counter Badstüblein 1589 digitized version of the Augsburg University Library