John Millington Synge

John Millington Synge (* April 16, 1871 in Rathfarnham in Dublin, † March 24, 1909 in Dublin) was an Irish playwright.


John Millington Synge studied languages ​​and music and lived for several years in Paris. Crucial to his work, however, were his years on Inishmaan, an island of the Aran Islands. There he became the poetic realists, because " the real, pure joy is only found in the wild, ravishing reality." But "realism alone is not enough, the stage must radiate reality and happiness"; he meant programmatically.

He liked to go in his works of folk tales and made his version of the Hiberno - English dialect stage capable. His work is a weighty part of the Irish National seal and are usually expected to so-called Irish Renaissance.

Synge was buried in the cemetery Mount Jerome, Dublin.


John Millington Synge's love for Molly Allgood told Joseph O'Connor 's novel Ghost Light ( 2010), in German translation: Irrlicht (2012 ).


  • The Aran Islands (The Aran Islands ) ( prose )
  • Tinker's wedding (The Tinker's Wedding)
  • Deirdre, Queen of Sorrows ( Deirdre of the Sorrows )
  • The source of the Saints ( The Well of the Saints )
  • Riders to the Sea ( Riders to the Sea )
  • The fog gorge ( The Shadow of the Glen )
  • The Playboy of the Western World or The Hero of Westerland's or A true hero or jugglers of Mayo ( The Playboy of the Western World)

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