John Richard Green

John Richard Green ( born December 12, 1837 in Oxford; † 7 March 1883, Menton, France ) was an English priest, historian and geographer, known especially for his work on the history of England.


Green was born in 1837 in Oxford. He attended Magdalen College School and later Jesus College, University of Oxford. After leaving Oxford, he was ordained a priest in 1860 and began as a pastor to work in the church of St Philip 's, Stepney, a district of London. Meanwhile, Green began to study history and to write articles for the Saturday Review, a London magazine. Slowly, he turned away from the teachings of the Church of England and put his main focus on the history of England.

1868 Green took a job as a librarian at Lambeth on, but fell ill soon afterwards of tuberculosis. In 1874 he published the Short History of the English People ( " A Short History of the English People" ), which was very popular soon and was consequently 1877-1880 extended to four volumes.

In 1882 he published the first volume of The Making of England, a work on the " career " of England to 1066. Upon his death this was continued by his wife Alice, whom he married in 1877, and under the new name The Conquest of England published.

Green was primarily anxious to entertain his readers. He achieved this by the fact that he thoroughly illustrated his books and wrote in an informative - narrative style, with him, however - was accused of reports unneutral and dress up his tale of excessively - just in terms of his first work. The Short History of the English People promoted by greens easy to understand writing style to what is probably the second best selling book of the 19th century, only surpassed by Thomas Babington Macaulay The History of England from the Accession of James the Second ( 1848).

1883 Green died at the age of 45 years of tuberculosis.


  • Short History of the English People. 1874-1880
  • Short Geography of the British Isles. 1880
  • The Making of England. 1882
  • The Conquest of England. 1883