Jonathan Togo

Jonathan Frederick Togo ( born August 25, 1977 Rockland, Massachusetts) is an American actor.


The parents of Jonathan, who has the nickname " Jon", say Michael and Sheila. His mother was Italian - Irish roots and his father is Jewish - Ukrainian descent. Togo was raised in Rockland, Massachusetts. As a child he was at the Hebrew School and made in 1995 graduated from Rockland High School. He then moved to Vassar College, where he earned a degree in theater. During his time at Vassar College, he played in a band called The Conquistadors along with John Conway and Sam Endicott, both of which are members in the group The Bravery today. He was also romantically involved with actress Diana Gettinger U.S.. He has appeared in several plays. For his role in Our Country 's Good, he has won the Margaret Thatcher Kazan Award.

In the U.S. crime series CSI: Miami, he played from the third season of the police officer Ryan Wolfe, who as a replacement for the murdered Tim Speedle ( Rory Cochrane ) has come into the team. Togo was synchronized in the series at the German by Norman Matt, but this felt as inappropriate and complained also (unsuccessfully) because of that.

He currently lives with his fiancée, model Diora Baird, together in Los Angeles. On December 8, 2012 their first joint son Otis was born.

Filmography (selection)

  • 2001-2002: Special Unit 2 - The Monster Hunter ( Special Unit 2, TV series, twelve episodes)
  • 2003: Mystic River
  • 2003: Law & Order (TV series, episode 14x05 fueled )
  • 2003: Judging Amy ( Judging Amy, TV series, episode 4x18 overdose )
  • 2003: Ed - The Bowling attorney ( Ed, TV series, episode 4x06 The offer )
  • 2004: Raccoon (Short Film )
  • 2004-2012: CSI: Miami ( TV Series, 182 episodes)
  • 2011: Identical
  • 2012: Harry 's Law (TV series, episode 2x18 Breaking Points )