Vassar College

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The Vassar College is an American elite high school in Poughkeepsie.

Vassar has always been one of the symbols of the so-called white Anglo-Saxon Protestant elite of the United States, also known as WASP. The college was in this sense mentioned in the same breath as Harvard, Princeton and Yale. It was founded in 1861 by Matthew Vassar College as for women in 1969, however, in the context of Koedukationsbestrebungen at private universities pioneered the joint training of men and women. The Vassar College is one of six other colleges for women to the "Seven Sisters" colleges.

The campus of Vassar College is a 4 km ² area, where lives the majority of the approximately 2,400 students. The local library is known for its collection of sources of Albert Einstein and Elizabeth Bishop.

Famous people


Over time, many famous people were employed as a teacher at Vassar College:


Diplomats and politicians


Theater, Film and Television


  • Ruth Benedict, an anthropologist
  • Grace Hopper, computer pioneer
  • Mary Cover Jones, a developmental psychologist
  • Vera Rubin, an astronomer

Former undergraduate students