Jorrit Bergsma

Jorrit Bergsma ( born February 1, 1986 in Aldeboarn ) is a Dutch speed skater who specializes in long distance. He started at the age of seven years with the skating.

Bergsma managed the same in his first FIFA World Cup 2012 in Heerenveen on the podium. About the 10,000 meter track, he finished with just under 4 seconds behind in second place behind his compatriot Bob de Jong.

At the 2013 World Championships in Sochi Bergsma surprised the multiple world champion Sven Kramer of the 10,000 meter distance covered, and won his first World Championship gold medal. About 5,000 meters Bergsma also won the silver medal yet, this time almost beaten by Sven Kramer.

In speed skating World Cup 2012/13 Bergsma wins for the first time the overall rating for the 5.000/10.000 meter distances.