Josep Maria Jujol

Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert ( born September 16, 1879 in Tarragona, † May 1, 1949 in Barcelona) was a Catalan architect and representative Modernist ( Catalan Art Nouveau ). Many of his works were written in collaboration with Antoni Gaudí.


Jujol spent his early childhood in Tarragona, where his father was headmaster. In 1883 he went with his family to Gràcia, which later became a district of Barcelona was. From 1896 he studied at the Escola Tecnica Superior School of Architecture d' Arquitectura in Barcelona, ​​Lluís Domènech i Montaner, whose director was. In 1906 he completed his studies as an architect from a project on thermal baths.

Since 1904 he collaborated with Gaudí, including the construction of the Park Güell and the Casa Milà and Casa Batlló. The collaboration ended when Gaudí died in 1926. From 1909 he was a lecturer at his former university, from 1923 at the Escuela Técnica de Oficios Artísticos. Because of his deep religious convictions, he was removed from office during the Spanish Civil War, his offices, but then reinstated.

In 1927 he married his cousin Teresa Gibert Mosella. On May 1, 1949, he died to 21 clock in Barcelona.


Jujol was known for his photographic memory and was therefore often entrusted with renovations, especially when the original plans were no longer available. He also distinguished himself by his skill in it from working with unusual, sometimes considered as waste materials, for example, bottles, jars, dolls heads and fragments of the ceramic industry. He worked not only as an architect but also as a draftsman, sculptor and designer.

  • Casa Batlló (together with Antoni Gaudí ) ( 1906)
  • Casa Milà ( La Pedrera ) (together with Antoni Gaudí ) ( 1908)
  • Torre Sansalvador (1909-1915)
  • Casa Almanac (1911 )
  • Park Güell (together with Antoni Gaudí ) ( 1911-1913 )
  • Elevator in the Casa Farreras (now Casa Iglesias, subsequent installation of a lift in a house by Antoni Millàs i Figuerola ) ( 1913)
  • Tallers Manach ( factory building, now a school ) ( 1916)
  • Casa Planells (1922 )
  • Torre de la Creu, Sant Joan Despi, Barcelona Province (1913-1916)
  • Casa Ximenis, Tarragona (1914 )
  • Casa Bofarull, Els Pallaresos, Tarragona Province (1914-1931)
  • Can Negre, Sant Joan Despi (1915-1926)
  • Church of Bella Vista, La Secuita, Tarragona province (1918-1924)
  • Torre Serra- Xaus, Sant Joan Despi (1921-1927)
  • Church of Montserrat, Mont Ferri, Tarragona province (1926-1999)
  • Torre Jujol, Sant Joan Despi (1932 )