Julian Richings

Julian Richings ( born September 8, 1955 in Oxford, England, UK ) is a British- Canadian actor, who is involved primarily in Canadian film and television productions.

Richings studied drama at the University of Exeter and then toured with a British stage ensemble by North America. In 1984 he moved from England to Toronto, Canada, where he became the second season regular on the television series War of the Worlds. In the dramatic spy series Nikita, he can be seen in two episodes as a villain Errol Sparks. He also starred in the horror film series "WRONG TURN" the cannibal Three Finger. In addition, he played an aging punk rock legend Bucky Haigh in the film Hard Core Logo, and had a cameo appearance in the globally successful sci-fi horror film Cube by Vincenzo Natali. For the role of Bellanger in the film The Kingdom and the Glory, he was nominated in 2002 as Best Supporting Actor for a Genie Award.

The German public is Richings primarily known for the role of the nearly blind security guard Otto in the miniseries Kingdom Hospital by Stephen King. In addition, he lent in the series also his dog Blondie 's voice.

Furthermore Richings played alongside Annette Bening in the comedy film Being Julia and had a cameo appearance in the 2006 science fiction film X -Men: The Last Stand.

Richings lives with his wife and two children in Toronto and has both British and Canadian citizenship.

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