Jvari (town)

Djvari (Georgian ჯვარი ) is a city in northwest Georgia, Samegrelo and Upper Svaneti in the region. It belongs to the municipality Zalendschicha and has about 4800 inhabitants (2009 ).


The place is situated about 250 km in a straight line north-west of the state capital Tbilisi and 30 kilometers north-east of the regional capital, Zugdidi on the northern edge of the Kolchisebene in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus, which rises a few kilometers northeast of the city to more than 2000 m height. Two kilometers west of the river Enguri Djvari marks the border with Abkhazia.


The old village Mingrelian Djvari (the name means cross) was five kilometers north of the town expanded with the start of construction of the Enguri dam end of the 1960s, to a construction worker settlement and received the status of an urban-type settlement. In 1981, the town rights.

Note: 1970-2002 census data, in 2009 calculation

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Meliton Kantaria (1920-1993), soldier of the Red Army, one of the first Soviet flag hoisted in 1945 at the Diet building

Economy and infrastructure

Far from the village marble is broken. In the Soviet period there was a tea factory.

Djvari is the end of a 34 -kilometer-long railway line which branches off at the station Ingiri the track Senaki -Adler and passes through the capital region Zugdidi. The line was opened in preparation for the construction of Enguri dam in 1965. By Djvari also runs the road that leads up the Enguri of Zugdidi to Mestia Svaneti capital.