KA is an abbreviation for:

  • Aachen Hauptbahnhof to DS 100
  • Chevrolet KA, a car model from 1940
  • 1950 KA, an asteroid of the Amor - type
  • KA (Las Vegas ), since 2004 a program of the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas
  • KA - Correspondence wastewater, solid waste, the monthly organ of the DWA
  • Capitalist countries, DDR -terminus, see the broader concept of the non -socialist economic region (NSW)
  • Catholic Action lay movement of the Catholic Church, which wants to help shape by proclamation of the Gospel in the lay apostolate in the sense of Catholic social teaching society and the Church
  • Pushdown automaton, an automaton in the sense of theoretical computer science
  • Core application of the Association of German Transport Companies ( VDV -KA ) as a data and interface standard for electronic ticketing and electronic fare management for the transportation sector
  • Child's passport of the Federal Republic of Germany, see child passport # History
  • Municipal Political Alternative, municipal party in Northeast Lower Saxony
  • Bankruptcy Office, Authority, which is responsible for the implementation of bankruptcies under Swiss law, is reserved to the establishment of an extraordinary official receivership
  • Control request, a written request to a road user, which is issued by the German police and the proof of certain documents is demanded
  • Concession fee, a fee paid by an entity to a public entity for the granted concession
  • Crime Act, a person-oriented acts, which serves the police to document this certain person
  • Artistic education, for example, choral conducting, voice, piano, organ music, organ improvisation ( these courses are chargeable)
  • Post code area Kilmarnock ( as the initial letters of a postcode from the UK )
  • Kaulbachplatz Underground Station, as an abbreviation for an underground station of the Nuremberg U -Bahn

KA stands as a license plate for:

  • Germany: county-level city of Karlsruhe and the district of Karlsruhe
  • Greece: Karditsa
  • UK: Borehamwood ( for around Luton )
  • India: Karnataka
  • Croatia: Karlovac
  • Macedonia: Kavadarci
  • Netherlands: Army ( with only two letters)
  • Norway: Ringerike in the province Buskerud
  • Serbia: Kanjiža
  • Slovakia: Okres Krupina
  • Czech Republic: Okres Karviná ( German Karwin ) ( discontinued)

K. A. is an abbreviation for:

  • Critical edition, the only student responsible edited, independent magazine with literary scholarly emphasis in German-speaking

Ka stands for:

  • Ford Ka, a car model of the car manufacturer Ford
  • The name for a band of frequencies in the microwave range, see frequency band
  • The name of one of the four families of the Fulani (also Dia, Diallo, Jallo ); to bring in connection with the Ka from Egyptian mythology
  • Ka ( Egyptian mythology), a part of the conception of the soul in Ancient Egypt
  • Ka ( India), Indian deity
  • Ka ( Kana ), one of the Japanese kana
  • Ka (King), prädynastischer Egyptian king grave at Abydos, B7 / 9
  • Kamov Helicopter # types, symbol of the Russian manufacturer of the helicopter models

Ka is a part of the name may refer to:

  • Aminata Maiga Ka (1940-2005), Senegalese writer

Ns (with spaces) stands for:

  • No idea
  • Not specified

N stands for:

  • No idea, see network jargon

Ka stands for:

  • Georgian language (self- designation ქართული ენა Kartuli ena ), the official language of Georgia according to ISO 639-1
  • Kilo annos (Latin ), scientifically for 1000 years = 0.001 Mya, see Mya (unit)

K: a stands for:

  • Klima: active, a broad-based climate protection initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water
  • Kyrka, the usual abbreviation for Sweden (church)

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