Karesuando (Finnish: Karesuvanto, Sami: Gárasavvon ) is a place ( tätort ) in the northern Swedish province of Norrbotten County and the historic province of Lapland. It is located about 300 km north of the Arctic Circle in the municipality of Kiruna.

The small town is located on the Muonio älv, which forms a natural border with Finland at the same time. Across the bridge is the Swedish part of Karesuando with the Finnish part Karesuvanto ( 140 inhabitants, a total of 450 ) connected on the opposite side of the river.

In addition, Sweden's northernmost church is in Karesuando. It was built in 1816, collapsed in 1866, a nearly complete and was rebuilt in 1905. In the years 1953-1954 the church was last renovated.


In Karesuando the European Route 45 begins ( within Sweden Inlandsvägen also called ), Sweden's longest highway that connects the Finnish neighboring community to the European Route 08.

Border crossing to Finland in the middle of the river

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